I have a confession to make. If you asked me to remember the first movie I saw in a theater, I couldn’t give you a definitive answer. In fact, when I told my friends and family that I planned to launch a website to write about movies, I struggled to pick one film when they asked me the obligatory “What’s your favorite movie?” question. Not quite the story you expected from a self-professed movie lover, right? I like to think it just doesn’t follow a traditional narrative format, that it’s more about the individual moments than the arc as a whole.

When Roger Ebert came across a film he found difficult to review, he said he would stop and simply think about how the movie made him feel. I do remember the first film that gave me the feels, and—unoriginally—the film was George Lucas’ Star Wars. It remains a seminal piece for many of our favorite directors working today, and it’s hard to imagine what Hollywood would be like without its lasting legacy.

Movies mean different things to different people, but we have all been influenced by them in one way or another. How many of us chose our dream career based on a movie we saw? Seeing Mark Hamill in Star Wars made me want to become an actor, and meeting Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story made me want to become an astronaut. Film serves as a supplement to the narratives of our lives, its impact grows the more we consider what it has to say.

As I matured and my tastes broadened, I was no longer satisfied with just contemplating the moral of the story as the theater lights went up. I yearned to know more about the process of filmmaking and how the unique aspects of the medium created a distinct-yet-universal resonance. I gained as much enjoyment from reading my favorite critics’ takes on a film as I did from seeing the picture itself. Ultimately I longed for discussion, to reflect, to debate, and to celebrate what film means to all of us. But my thirst wasn’t quenched by reading countless thinkpieces and listening to a glut of podcasts.

It is because of this thirst that I created this site.

I aim to explore the many ways film informs our lives, and while I certainly hope to encourage you to see films you would otherwise ignore, my main goal is to enrich our relationship with the medium, to discover why twenty-four celluloid frames flickering before our eyes each second can evoke so much of what makes us human.

The content at this site will take a few different forms, including top ten lists, throwback reviews, and deeper dives on trends in the industry. And the site will undoubtedly change over time with new types of entries and analyses. I look forward to the dialogue, and hopefully together we can discover the many ways film matters to each of us.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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  1. This is awesome stuff Adam! It’s a big step to hop into the role of a critic and analyze what makes a film great in an objective sense. Seems like movie reviews are a dime a dozen these days, so I hope to get your take on singular concepts ranging from script structure to macro industry trends. Buuuut maybe that’s just me.

    Pretty solid Oscar nominee predictions btw, I’m lookin forward to your Top Ten post. Keep it up!

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